Gas Delivery Rate Adjustments in Connecticut by Eversource

New Gas rate adjustments

In 2018, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) approved our application to increase natural gas delivery rates over a three-year period.

We submitted this request so we could continue our work replacing aging cast-iron and bare-steel natural gas pipes.

In accordance with that request, Eversource’s natural gas delivery rate was set to be effective Jan. 1, 2021, however Eversource requested that the rate adjustment be delayed to March 1, 2021.

This delay was to help alleviate bill increases for customers during the primary winter heating months. Customers will start seeing this increase on their March natural gas bills.

Overall, the total average annual bill increase associated with this rate change, by customer class, including System Expansion (SE) customers, are as follows:

Residential Customers:

Rate 1 (Residential Non-Heating) = 3.45%
Rate 2 (Residential Heating) = 2.30%
Rate 3 (Residential Multi-Dwelling) = 1.67%

Business Customers:

Rate 10 (Small C&I) = 2.18%
Rate 20 (Medium C&I) = 1.84%
Rate 30 (Large C&I) = 1.58%

What you need to know:

Your total bill costs depend on your energy usage, rate category and weather conditions. 
  \"bullet The average residential Rate 2 heating customer using 100 Ccf in March, will experience a $4.61 increase due solely to the rate change which equates to 2.8% on a total bill basis. 
  \"bullet Customers may experience smaller or larger bill changes, month to month, based on variables such individual dwelling size, age of structure, and number of people and gas appliances in household.




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